MONDAY, 03/09/2012
(Payment before 11pm,Saturday (01/09/2012)

WEDNESDAY, 05/09/2012
(Payment before 5pm,Tuesday (04/09/2012)

FRIDAY, 07/09/2012
(Payment before 5pm,Thursday (06/09/2012)

~ Shida ;)

Sephora Perfume Malaysia >>>


Sephora Perfume Malaysia

VIALS updated >>> 29/10/2009

Davidoff Cool Water (W) edt 1.0ml (dab-on) - 17 unit

Davidoff Cool Water Game (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 11 unit
Davidoff Cool Water Wave (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 10 unit
Givenchy Amarige Mariage (W) edp 1ml (spray) - 12 unit
Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - SOLD OUT
Kenzo eau de Fleur de prunier (plum) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 7 unit
Kenzo Flower (W) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 43 unit
Kenzo L'eau par Kenzo eau Indigo (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 19 unit
MNG Tattoo edt 1.5ml (dab-on) - 1 unit
Paris Hilton Fairy Dust edp 1.52ml (dab-on) - 21 unit

Anna Sui rock me! (W) edt 1.2ml (dab-on) - 3 unit
CK In2U for Her (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 15 unit
CK In2U Heat for Her (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 23 unit
CK In2U POP for Her (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 7 unit
CK Eternity Summer Women 2009 (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 1 unit
CK Euphoria (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 6 unit
CK Euphoria Spring Temptation (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 15 unit
CK Euphoria Blossom (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - SOLD OUT
Escada Desire Me (W) edp 2ml (dab-on) - 11 unit
JLO deseo forever (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 12 unit
JLO Live (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 6 unit
JLO Live Luxe (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 9 unit
Ralph Lauren Romance (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 28 unit
Ralph Lauren Romance Always Yours (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - SOLD OUT
Sarah Jessica Parker Covet (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 12 unit
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - SOLD OUT

Burberry The Beat for Women (W) EDT 2ml (spray) - 11 unit
Burberry The Beat for Women (W) EDP 2ml (spray) - SOLD OUT
Bvlgari BLV eau De Parfume II (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 1 unit
Diesel Fuel for Life UNLIMITED for Women Only (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 4 unit
Hermes un Jardin Apres La Mousson (W) edt 2ml (spray) - 6 unit
Paul Smith Floral (W) edp 2ml (spray) - SOLD OUT
Paul Smith Rose (W) edp 2ml (spray) - 10 unit
Vera Wang by Vera Wang (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 10 unit
Vera Wang Princess (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 8 unit

Carolina Herrera Herrera Aqua for Men (M) edt 2ml (spray) - 2 unit
Davidoff Cool Water (M) edt 1.0ml (dab-on) - 27 unit
Davidoff Silver Shadow Altitude (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 10 unit
Lacoste Challenge pour Homme (M) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 91 unit

Carolina Herrera CHIC for Men (M) edt 2ml (spray) - 1 unit
CK Euphoria Intense Men (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 5 unit
CK Eternity for Men (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 24 unit
CK Eternity Summer Men 2009 (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 19 unit
CK In2U for Him (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 10 unit
CK In2U Heat for Him (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 22 unit
CK In2U POP for Him (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 10 unit
CK MAN edt 1.2ml (spray) - 14 unit
CK Truth (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 4 unit
David Beckham Beckham Signature Homme (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 13 unit
Davidoff Adventure (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 22 unit
Davidoff Attitude Extreme (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 10 unit
Davidoff Cool Water Game (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 4 unit
Davidoff Silver Shadow Private (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 16 unit
Dunhill 51.3 N (M) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 17 unit
Escada Magnetism for Men (M) edt 2ml (spray) - 27 unit
Giorgio Armani Attitude Extreme edt 1.5ml (spray) - 9 unit
Giorgio Armani Black Code (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 6 unit
Juicy Couture Dirty English pour Homme (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 2 unit
Kenzo L'eau par Kenzo eau Indigo (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 10 unit
Ralph Lauren Polo Black (M) 1.5ml (spray) - 22 unit
Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black (M) 1.5ml (spray) - 10 unit
Ralph Lauren Polo Explorer (M) 1.5ml (spray) - 21 unit
Ralph Lauren Romance Silver (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 4 unit

Banana Republic Black Walnut (M) edt 2ml (spray) - 2 unit
Banana Republic Slate (M) edt 2ml (spray) - 3 unit
Diesel Only The Brave pour Homme (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 9 unit ~ TERBARU
Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey pour Homme (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 1 unit
Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Intense pour Homme (M) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 3 unit

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