MONDAY, 03/09/2012
(Payment before 11pm,Saturday (01/09/2012)

WEDNESDAY, 05/09/2012
(Payment before 5pm,Tuesday (04/09/2012)

FRIDAY, 07/09/2012
(Payment before 5pm,Thursday (06/09/2012)

~ Shida ;)

Sephora Perfume Malaysia >>>


Sephora Perfume Malaysia

VIALS updte >> 1/12/2011


Alexandre Barthet's Barth (W) EDT 1.6ml (dab-on) - 9 unit
Armand Basi In Red (W) edt 1.2ml (dab-on) - 2 unit
Beverly Hills Polo CLub For Woman (W) EDT 1.5ml (dab-on) - 3 unit
Etienne Aigner Aigner Too Feminine (W) EDP 1.2ml (spray) - 8 unit
FCUK For Her (W) EDT 1.0ml (dab-on) - 2 unit
Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka (W) Light Fragrance EDP 1.2ml (spray) - 13 unit
Michael Kors Kors for Women (W) EDP 1.5ml (dab-on) - 5 unit
Morgan de Toi Love (W) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 10 unit
Morgan de Toi Love at Night (W) edt 1.6ml (spray) - 7 unit
Pink Sugar (W) EDT 1.8ml (dab-on) - 9 unit
Salvador Dali Dalilight (W) edt 1.6ml (spray) - 18 unit
St. Dupont Intense pour Femme (W) edp 2ml (spray) - 11 unit

Balenciaga Paris 10, Avenue George V (W) EDP 1.2ml (spray) - 15 unit
Costume National Scent Gloss (W) EDP 1.5ml (spray) - 16 unit
Escada by Escada (W) EDP 2ml (spray) - 8 unit

Escada Marine Groove (W) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 3 unit
Givenchy PLAY for Her (W) edp 1.0ml (spray) - 3 unit
Givenchy Very Irresistible (W) edt 1.0ml (spray) - 5 unit
Kenzo Flower (W) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 1 unit
Moschino Cheap & Chic (W) edt 1.5ml (dab-on) - 5 unit

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) Light Blue (W) edt 1.5ml (dab-on) - 5 unit
Dolce & Gabbana D&G Anthology 1 Le Bateleur edt 1.5ml (spray) - 1 unit
Dolce & Gabbana D&G Anthology 6 L'Amoureaux edt 1.5ml (spray) - 2 unit
Dolce & Gabbana D&G Anthology 10 La Roue de La Fortune edt 1.5ml (spray) - 2 unit
Dolce & Gabbana D&G Anthology 18 La Lune pour Femme edt 1.5ml (spray) - 1 unit
DKNY Be Delicious (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 9 unit
Escada Absolutely Me (W) edp 2ml (dab-on) - 2 unit
Giorgio Armani Armani Code (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 10 unit
Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani Diamonds (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 6 unit
Lacoste Touch of Pink (W) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 3 unit
Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 2 unit

Burberry Brit (W) edt 2ml (spray) - 2 unit
Burberry Sport for Women (W) edt 1ml (spray) - 5 unit
Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy for Women (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 5 unit
Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense by Chloe (W) 1.2ml (spray) - 7 unit
Christian Dior Dior J'Adore (W) EDP 1.0ml (spray) - 19 unit
Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie (W) EDP 1.0ml (spray) - 12 unit
Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited for Women Only (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 4 unit
Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 6 unit
Escada Sunset Heat (W) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 3 unit
Giorgio Armani Acqua di GIOIA (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 4 unit
Giorgio Armani Armani Code (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 5 unit
Hugo Boss Boss Femme (W) edp 2ml (dab-on) - 4 unit

Lanvin Marry Me! (W) edp 2ml (spray) - 3 unit
Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka (W) EDP 1.2ml (spray) - 3 unit
Nina Ricci Nina L'Elixir (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 8 unit
Nina Ricci Premier Jour (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 4 unit
Paul Smith Optimistic for Women (W) edt 2ml (spray) - 5 unit
Salvatore Ferragamo F for Fascinating Night (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 7 unit
Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 3 unit

Chloe Love (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 32 unit
Dolce & Gabbana D&G The One (W) edp 2ml (spray) - 4 unit
Gucci by Gucci (W) EDT 2ml (dab-on) - 8 unit
Gucci by Gucci (W) EDP 2ml (dab-on) - 2 unit
Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 1 unit
Marc Jacobs Daisy (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 11 unit
Marc Jacobs Lola (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 2 unit
Stella by Stella McCartney (W) edp 1.2ml (spray) - 4 unit
Thierry Mugler Alien (W) edp 1.5ml (spray) - 2 unit
Thierry Mugler Angel Peony (W) edp 2ml (spray) - 1 unit
Vera Wang Princess (W) edt 1.2ml (spray) - 16 unit


Chanel No 5 (W) edp 2ml (spray) - 36 unit

Chanel Allure (W) edt 2ml (spray) - 12 unit

Chanel Chance (W) edt 2ml (spray) - 48 unit


Beverly Hills Polo Club For Man (M) EDT 1.5ml (dab-on) - 5 unit
Calvin Klein Calvin (M) EDT 1.0ml (dab-on) - 1 unit
Emper Urban Man pour Homme (M) edt 2ml (spray) - 1 unit
Ferrari Black Shine (M) edt 1.5ml (dab-on) - 4 unit
FCUK for Him (M) EDT 1ml (dab-on) - 8 unit
Marjane Words for Men (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 1 unit
Mont Blanc Presence Cool (M) EDT1.7ml (dab-on) - 5 unit

Escada magnetism For Men (M) EDT 2ml (spray) - 8 unit
Ferrari Scuderia (M) edt 1.9ml (spray) - 5 unit
Hugo Boss Boss In Motion White (M) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 1 unit
Michael Kors Michael For Men (M) EDT 2.5ml (spray) - 6 unit

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) The One for Men (M) edt 2ml (spray) - 34 unit
Gucci by Gucci pour Homme (M) edt 2ml (spray) - 33 unit
Hugo Boss Boss Pure (M) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 32 unit
Kenzo Power (M) edt1.5ml (spray) - 1 unit

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet MAN (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 1 unit

Banana Republic Republic of Men edt 1.5ml (spray) - SOLD OUT
Burberry The Beat for Men (M) edt 2ml (spray) - SOLD OUT
Escada Moon Sparkle for Men (M) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 2 unit
Giorgio Armani Armani Code pour Homme (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 4 unit
Hugo by Hugo Boss (M) edt 2ml (dab-on) - 1 unit
Ralph Lauren Polo Black (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 9 unit
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue (M) edt 1.5ml (spray) - 5 unit

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